You are watching the short film made by Michele D’ Auria about the dreams of Soichiro Honda and how those came true.

Everybody has many dreams. And many people are trying their best to catch their dreams.
When I was young, I had many many dreams. Some of them disappeared when I grew up.
It’s said that only the children have dreams. No, not only the children but also adults are dreaming, every day, every where in this world. Nobody has no dreams. Cause if we stop dreaming, we are not alive any more.
Do u remember the song named “Imagine“?“…You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope some day you’ll join us, And the world will live as one…”
I don’t want to say “dream” in “just a dream”. I do mean that it’s our ambition, it’s our desire. And they are all very very precious.
Any way, I’m not here just to tell you like a Philosopher =))
I am here to share my dreams, and share all I have now. So, if you think like me, if we are the same, come my home and see, and listen,… and tell me what you want to say.
We are living together in a small world. And I also do believe that this world is flat. So “all the people are sharing all the world…” is not imagining. Together, we make ourselves’ dreams come true.
Ken’s blog is mainly about the important things to be a success in business, in life and then you also can find your happiness. We share all our knowledges, experiences and information of doing business and living better such as people’s skills (hard skills vs soft skills), living skills development,…Especially, I will discuss Japanese Business Culture and how to do business successfully in Japan, which I learnt from other people’s success stories.

What does success look like and feel like to you? Inspiration for success in your career and life is here. Make money, have more time, invest your time and money in activities that bring you success.

Now, let’s find success and inspiration together!

And in the next entry, I will give you some interesting information of Japanese Business Culture-succeed or fail!

Wish you a nice time!



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